gordon bennett race 2017, team


to the best team, we can imagine:


for his fab meteorologic advice like always, the briefings in the spanish chalet & at the field and the perfect tactic, the 24/3 availability for us prior and during the race,

ben and matthias for their help at the launch field and around-the-clock via whatsapp from the command centre,

and thomas for his atc-connection and the right hint with frequencies at the right time 😉

… we always felt safe during this flight. you are heroes!

katja and charly, who helped us with filling the sandbags, rigging and watching the balloon after inflation, for retrieving us from the polish/ kaliningrad border (the car drove almost 5.200km!) and spending their time with us.

anulfo & angel (esp 01) and cheri & mark (usa 02) who shared their thoughts, tactics, windspeed- and driftreadings with us. thank you friends!

and all the family, himkes ‚homies‘ aus (ost-)friesland, our dear friends from croatia, the united kingdom, france, estonia and germany who cheered us on and believed in us and

all the people who gave us support in so many ways.


we had an unforgettable time.